Customizing Your New Construction Home

The paperwork on your new house is complete! Now it’s time to begin the selection process to customize your new home. Choosing the finishes and features should be a fun and exciting experience that makes your house a home and reflects your personal style. Unfortunately, without some guidance this can be a daunting and stressful process. This is understandable given the fact that while keeping form and function in mind you will be choosing every surface within your new home in a span of about 4 to 6 hours. This would include everything from exterior finishes, colors and lighting to interior paint colors, flooring type and color, countertops, cabinetry, cabinetry hardware, plumbing hardware, appliances and lighting.

Tips on how to get through (maybe even enjoy) the process:

1. Do some prior planning. Actually, lots of prior planning! Take time to determine what you like in terms of style and function. Think about where you and your family currently spend most of your time at home.

Get online and get inspired at sites such as,,, etc… Visit model homes in your area as they have been professionally decorated and have lots of upgrades that appeal to homebuyers within that demographic. To get a good feel for exterior selections, drive through the neighborhood and other similar neighborhoods to grab some ideas from completed homes. The neighborhood sales representative may have a record of the exterior finishes in the neighborhood. This could be very helpful if you see something you really like.

2. Have a budget in mind and stick to it. Having a budget in place will guide your decision-making process and not break the bank. If you have specific spaces in your home that your family will spend most of their time, you might consider spending more of your budgeted amount in those areas and less in other areas of the home that are not used as frequently. For example, the kitchen is an area many families and friends gather together. This may be an area where function and form play a larger role. It may also be a place where upgraded finishes create a beautiful backdrop for the many memories that will be made there.

3. Go with what speaks to you, not the latest trends. Your home should be a space that inspires and delights you and your family.

4. Stop at any point that you begin to feel overwhelmed. Decisions made when feeling overwhelmed can be disastrous. Take some time to review your choices and think through how they will look, function and feel in your new home.

5. Pull in a professional. If you get stuck or need a second opinion a professional designer can really make a big difference. Our designer’s trained eye, knowledge of the value of finishes and experience working with custom home builders can make your experience much more enjoyable and you will feel much more confident in your selections.

At Elevate Design + Build we take the time and put forth the extra effort to ensure you have a personal and memorable home building experience from start to finish and beyond. Call us today to learn more: 816-885-8663