As you settle in, now is a good time to get a few housekeeping items checked off the list:

  • Elevate staff will provide you a home warranty binder. This is a great place to store your closing packet, and all of your instruction manuals, warranties, and insurance documents.
  • Email-in all manufacturer warranties on new systems and appliances.
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher for each floor of the home as well as the kitchen and garage.
  • Review user manuals for your appliances.
  • Install protector pads on the legs of furniture.
  • Review information on how to care for wood floors.
  • Apply grout sealer to ceramic tile.
  • Assemble a first aid kit and place it in an easy to access location.
  • Change your address on your driver’s license and alert important contacts such as insurance carriers, doctors, dentists, employers, and financial institutions.
  • Register to vote if you have moved to a new jurisdiction.
  • Identify your HOA and its requirements.
  • Register your children with the local school district.
  • Meet your new neighbors.
  • Offer your old boxes to someone who is moving.
  • Research all tax deductions and discounts for homeowners.
  • Hire pest a control company.


Timelines on our existing plans run 6-8 months from dig to completion. Weather delays do play a factor however, with our proven construction processes we can typically overcome most delays.

Yes, you can! Plan changes are welcome on existing plans we offer. Be aware that these changes will create additional costs and extend timelines to bring them to life.

For homes that are currently under construction the extent to which structural changes can be made will depend on the stage of construction. For homes purchased prior to drywall all finishes can be customized to your preferences.

Yes, you can! Please be sure to bring fully engineered plans that are up to date on city codes so that we can accurately price the construction costs of the home.