Caring for your new home is essential to ensure your comfort, safety and home value over the years. Below are some helpful monthly and annual checklists to help you maintain your home.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Test GFCI Outlets
  • Clean range hood and filter
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Inspect furnace filters and replace if necessary
  • Inspect outside A/C unit and remove any debris from grill
  • Clean and refresh sink drains with baking soda and hot water
  • Inspect around toilets and under sinks for any leaks
  • Check the temperature valve on your hot water heater

Annual Home Maintenance

  • Inspect caulking around windows and doors, and re-caulk if necessary
  • Clean tracks of windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Clean gutters to ensure proper operation.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Complete annual HVAC maintenance including humidifier filter replacement and hosing
    down the outdoor unit to ensure proper airflow.
  • Inspect concrete slabs such as driveways and patios for stains, mold, or cracks. Seal
    any cracks, power wash any stains or mold.
  • Inspect dryer vent to ensure it is operating properly and clean as needed.
  • Verify all splash blocks around the home are positioned properly as they are essential
    to positive drainage away from the home. Do not forget the sump pump discharge pipe
    splash block to ensure water is draining away from your foundation.
  • Pour water down any drains that are not used to prevent sewage smells. For example the
    drain in the furnace room.
  • Check the foundation for positive drainage away from the home as dirt can settle over time. During extended periods on hot dry weather be sure to water around the foundation to ensure soil shrinkage doesn’t occur.