What’s the Timeline For Building a New Home?


Building a new home with Elevate Design + Build, a Kansas City custom home builder, is a journey that involves meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, creativity, and a touch of fun! From the initial pre-construction work to the final finishing touches, each phase of new home construction plays a crucial role in bringing your vision to life. In this blog we will review the phases of constructing a new home with Elevate Design + Build and the time associated with each phase. Understanding the phases of construction and timeline for each phase can help you navigate the process with confidence and clarity.

The typical timeline for the new custom home journey with Elevate Design + Build looks like this:

The Pre-Construction Phase: 30-60 days

In this phase we are working together with you to determine the perfect house plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. Then finding the perfect lot that your new custom home will fit on and vice versa. You might already have the lot picked out and you are needing the perfect plan that fits the lot. Up next is the Pre-Construction meeting where we will introduce you to your team, review the specification of the home with you for your approval, and educate you on the homebuilding process including what is required from you during certain phases of construction.

  • Lot selection
  • Plan selection
  • Specifications
  • Pre-construction meeting

The Permitting Phase – 2-4 weeks

This phase involves our staff working with the city we are building in and with professional service providers such as land surveyors, lenders, and engineers.

  • Secure construction loan
  • Obtain land survey
  • Obtain engineered house plans
  • Apply for construction permits from the city

The Excavation and Foundation Phase – 3-6 weeks

During the excavation and foundation phase we are clearing the site, excavating the basement according to land survey and pouring the foundation of the home. Once the foundation is poured it needs time to cure before proceeding to the next step. All underground utilities will be installed during this phase. Weather can sometimes delay this phase of construction. However, at this early stage of the project we can make up for delay days throughout the build to stay on schedule.

  • Site cleared and prepped for excavation
  • Excavation according to survey – Dig Day photos! Bring your family to the dig site for a photo with the big equipment and the golden shovels.
  • Foundation footings poured
  • Foundation forms set and foundation is poured
  • Install underground utilities
  • Waterproof the foundation and ensure positive drainage away from the foundation
  • Plumbing for sewer and water installed
  • Gravel is placed around the foundation and then back filled with dirt
  • City inspections completed
  • Order steel and lumber packages

The Framing Phase – 4-5 weeks

In this phase of construction, the home begins to take it shape as the walls, ceilings, floors, and roof trusses are built according to the architectural plans. This phase can also be impacted by weather delays.

  • Exterior and interior walls, floors, ceilings, roof trusses, roof deck, and stairwell are constructed
  • Windows, exterior doors, and fireplace are installed
  • Roofing shingles scheduled for install
  • Exterior siding is installed
  • Client selections for finishes such as tile, flooring, paint, and countertops are completed during this phase.
  • Stud Signing Day!! Bring your family and the sharpies. Sign the studs, draw pictures, write prayers, it is up to you.

Rough Mechanical Phase – 2-3 weeks

In the course of the rough mechanical phase all mechanical systems such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing are installed. This phase requires careful coordination between different trades to ensure all systems are installed correctly and meet all building and energy code requirements.

  • Roofing material installed
  • Cabinet layout is completed
  • HVAC installed
  • Electrical walk through with builder
  • Electrical rough in completed
  • Plumbing rough-in completed
  • City inspections

Interior Finish Phase 4-6 weeks

During the interior finish phase the interior of the home begins to take shape as the raw stud walls are insulated and covered by drywall.

  • Insulation installed
  • Drywall installed
  • Garage doors installed
  • Exterior concrete poured – may be impacted by weather
  • Cabinets mounted and installed
  • Trim installed

Flooring and Finishes Phase – 4-6 weeks

In this exciting phase of new home construction, the client’s vision comes to life and they can see themselves living in the home.

  • Exterior and Interior Paint are completed
  • Countertops installed
  • Tile installed
  • Flooring installed
  • Mirrors, lighting, and plumbing fixtures installed
  • Hardware such as doorknobs and drawer pulls installed
  • Kitchen Appliances installed

Completion and Handover Phase – 1-2 weeks

In this final phase of new home construction, we are putting the finishing touches on the home to get it ready for the upcoming close. Our warranty team will walk you thought the home to familiarize you with the home, and address any questions you may have.

  • Landscaping installed
  • Sod installed – weather can cause delays
  • Final touch ups are completed
  • Final city inspections are completed
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy
  • New Home Orientation – this is a final walk-through of your new home before closing to orient you to the operation of your new home and meet our warranty team who will be there for you after move in to answer questions and address and warranty needs.
  • Final clean
  • Close! – Welcome Home!

Warranty Phase 1 year

During your one year builder warranty period we will be there to answer questions and will check in at scheduled intervals to ensure you are satisfied with your new home and work on any issues that might arise within the warranty period.

Building a new home is a complex but rewarding experience. It requires careful planning, attention to detail and collaboration between homeowners, builders, subcontractors, and city staff. By understanding the timeline and phases of construction you can anticipate what to expect and navigate the new home building journey with confidence.

Are you interested in learning more about building a new home with Elevate Design + Build? We would love the opportunity to meet you.