New Home Building Site Selection

Home site selection is one of the first and most exciting steps in the home building process. It is also one of the most important decisions, as the home site determines the style and design of your home and the aesthetic feel once the home is built.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a home site or lot. These include the size and grade of the lot. The setting, the views, the approach, energy conservation, and finally the best position of the home on the site.

The size and grade of the site determines the style and design of the home it can accommodate. For example, a wide flat lot can host a sprawling ranch with a full in-ground basement. Another example would be, a narrow lot with a decent downward grade, that falls from the street would host a two-story or reverse one and a half story with a walkout basement.

The setting you choose is really based on where you want to live and your lifestyle. Are you looking for a lot in town with good highway access? Maybe a neighborhood pool? Or maybe you want to go a little farther out to the country sacrificing a shorter commute for a peaceful secluded place to call home.

How the home is approached from the street is important to consider, as it determines how the house will face the street and the curb appeal as the home comes into view. In addition, if the house is situated on a lot at the top of a hill, will it be difficult to approach in the winter on icy roads? If the house sits on a sloped lot will the driveway then have a slope to it? This could also be difficult to navigate in icy conditions.

The views … Don’t forget the views! Are you backing up to woods or a waterfront? What do you want to see as you are relaxing on the back porch or deck? When you look out your kitchen window what will the view be?

What about energy conservation? The way the house faces the sun and the presence or lack of mature trees have an impact on the energy expenditure of the home. Mature trees can shade the home and provide a windbreak. Mature trees also bring character to the lot and provide a nice place for the family to relax in the summer.

Lastly, but of the utmost importance is the consideration of stormwater run-off. If the lot is at the bottom of a hill, or if the grade of your lot or surrounding lots direct stormwater run-off towards the house, how will it be diverted? Will water drainage be an issue?

Finding the perfect lot that fits your lifestyle and home design takes patience. Your team at Elevate Design + Build can guide you through the lot selection process. Let’s find that perfect lot and build a gorgeous home where you can begin the next chapter in your story.