Revitalizing Midtown KC: What is the Back to the City Movement?


The “Back to the City Movement” has become a pivotal socio-economic shift, with urban areas experiencing a reversal of migration patterns. This movement, characterized by a return of both young professionals and retirees to city centers, is seen as a spark for increased property values. As a home builder, we’re ahead of this trend with revitalization efforts of Midtown Kansas City in place since 2018 through the development of infill lots.

Fifteen years ago, the initiative to revitalize Kansas City began with the decision to move the Big 12 Conference basketball tournament. This decision sparked concern about the vibrancy of the city’s core, leading to the creation of our lively KC Power & Light District. This development aimed to address the lack of activity in the downtown and surrounding areas. The mission included expanding the convention center, building hotels within walking distance, and creating a cohesive district to enhance the overall experience for residents, workers, and visitors. The result was a dynamic live-work-play-visit environment, attracting new residents and solidifying Kansas City as a desirable destination.

The Power & Light District, along with the River Market, Crossroads District, and Country Club Plaza has played a significant role in reversing a half-century decline in urban population. The addition of nearly 900 homes and a variety of amenities has drawn residents from outside the market, contributing to a 75% increase in the downtown population in the last three years.

The appeal of the urban streetscape, proximity to cultural venues, and the sense of living in a small, interconnected community contribute to the attractiveness of downtown living.

Despite recent growth, Kansas City’s urban core still lags behind peer cities in population density. However, the improved safety in urban areas along with the growth of restaurants and shopping presents a unique opportunity for Kansas City to now use housing as a cornerstone for the next phase in its urban revival. And that’s where we come in.

As a home builder, we are committed to contributing to the ongoing revitalization of Midtown Kansas City by focusing on infill lots and aligning our projects with those seeking urban living. We believe that by offering new modern homes in historic neighborhoods, we are helping to create vibrant, connected urban communities that appeal to a diverse range of residents.

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