Navigate Your Journey!

navigate your journeyAre you ready to dive headfirst into the exciting world of designing and building your new dream home with Elevate Design + Build? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on an epic journey filled with endless possibilities and all the fun you can imagine! This is kind of like a “choose your adventure” book from when you were a kid. We’ve got different avenues to finding your next home and you get to decide what works for you! But don’t stress, because no matter what route you take, Elevate will be there with a roadmap guiding you to your dream home.


CUSTOM COURT: You’ve got a blank canvas, and you’re the artist. Building your home from scratch is like having your very own slice of paradise tailored to your every whim. If you dream it, we’ll deliver it. With Elevate by your side, we’ve got everything covered.


  • Personalization Galore: You’re the boss here, designing your dream home from the ground up.
  • Design Experience: It’s like a shopping spree for your home, picking the finishes that scream “you.”
  • Top-Notch Builder: Our team’s got your back, ensuring communication and quality are world-class.

FOUNDATION FREEWAY: If you’re in a bit of a hurry but still want to add your unique flair to your new crib, the Foundation Stage is your golden ticket. Think of it as getting a head start in a race. The structural stuff is already decided, but you’ve got the freedom to customize everything else. And guess what? You’ll be moving in around 150 days. That’s right, your new home is just around the corner!


  • Speedy Delivery: Get comfy in your new digs in about 150 days.
  • Your Style, Your Way: Personalize the interior finishes to match your groove.
  • Streamlined Process: We’ve already got the basics covered, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

ACCENT ALLEY: Now, if you’re the impatient type (and we totally get it!), the Trim Stage is where the party’s at. These homes have drywall, but we haven’t ordered cabinets and trim yet. In just about 90 days, you can unpack your bags and start living your best life. Plus, you get to help make some of the accent selections to make your mark on your new place.


  • Zoom Zoom: Move into your new home in a cool 90 days.
  • Express Yourself: Pick partial finishes and show off your style.
  • Pre-Construction Perks: Enjoy a partly finished home while adding your personal touches.

EASY STREET:  If you’re all about that “I need this in my life as soon as possible” mentality, the Move-In Ready stage is calling your name. These homes are 100% complete and ready to roll. With closing times range from 14-60 days, you can basically move in tomorrow. Our team has worked their magic, but you can still add extras like blinds or a fancy fridge to jazz things up.


  • Speed Demon: You can move in super quickly, with closing times averaging 30 days.
  • Designer Vibes: Enjoy a home with swanky design choices hand-picked by our experts.
  • Extra Personalization: Add some finishing touches to make it truly yours.

No matter which avenue you choose, Elevate Design + Build will always be here to elevate your homebuilding experience. It’s an adventure, and we’re here to be your trusty guides. Let’s create a home that’s as unique as you are – because life is too short for a dead end home buying experience!